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Rèmole epitomises the vibrant expression of Toscana lifestyle; the pleasure of conviviality and a good wine that unites all walks of life. The historic house of Rèmole, the ‘Villa Rèmole’, is surrounded by vineyards and is situated in Sieci, 10 miles east of Florence. It is the custodian of over 700 years of history and tradition of the Frescobaldi family, as it is where many of the family members grew up. The Rèmole wines are wonderfully versatile, complementing a variety of cuisine styles; they are soft and fruity and will captivate and delight you. Gambero Rosso awarded Frescobaldi with the prestigious ‘Tre Bicchieri Winery of the Year Award 2020’, in recognition of its uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation.


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Rèmole Rosso, Frescobaldi, Toscana 2019

Tenuta Castelgiocondo, Frescobaldi, Brunello di Montalcino 2010

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