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Campo alle Comete


Campo alle Comete is a 26-hectare estate nestled at the foot of Castagneto Carducci on the Etruscan River, just a stone’s throw from the Tyrrhenian Sea. The winery takes its name from historical connections, from the days when the Bolgheri countryside was marked by fields ‘Campi’ and when at night the paths were illuminated by stars -and the occasional comet- ‘Comete’. Evoking the soul of the place, which is rich in history, Campo alle Comete has an imaginative air, but behind the whimsical labels lie some seriously good wines. The visionary is Antonio Capaldo, who was attracted by this new adventure when he acquired the property in 2016. Seeking a new form of expression, he produces wines from international varieties. Renowned Italian illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli, depicted Campo alle Comete in a painting known as ‘a place suspended between reality and imagination’ and her artwork has inspired the labels. In 2022, Campo alle Comete was awarded the B Corporation (B Corp) certification, rewarding companies whose aim is to be a positive and regenerative force for the environment and the community.


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Campo alle Comete 'Albablu', Toscana, Vermentino 2022

Campo alle Comete, 'Stupore', Bolgheri 2022

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Campo alle Comete, Toscana, Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

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