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Badiola, which was founded in 2018, is a winery based in the heart of Rioja Alavesa. Badiola offers a new perspective on Rioja wines: here the emphasis is on site, rather than ageing. The vineyards are situated on the slopes of the Sierra Cantabria, predominantly surrounding the villages of Villabuena, Leza, Samaniego, Laguardia, Navaridas and Baños del Ebro, with each terroir producing wines with distinctive character. The vines are extremely old; many were planted in the 1920s. 1930s and 1940s and they deliver concentrated juice with a clear identity. The winemaking philosophy is to obtain very pure, fresh and well-textured wines that reflect their origin.


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Badiola 'Las Parcelas', Rioja Alavesa, 2019

Badiola Vino de Pueblo, Villabuena V1BN4 , Rioja Alavesa, 2018

Badiola Vino de Pueblo, Laguardia L4GD4 , Rioja, 2018

Badiola Vino de Pueblo, Leza L3Z4, Rioja Alavesa, 2018

Badiola, Rioja, Tempranillo de Laderas 2018

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