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From the slopes of Mount Etna, one of the most distinctive and coveted wine regions in Europe, Al-Cantàra’s wines reflect the soul of the people and the land. Al-Cantàra takes its name from the river which flows through the municipality of Randazzo where the winery and the vineyards are located. The 15 hectare vineyard is located at 620 metres above sea level. All the operations related to the vineyard are carried out with total respect for the environment. Al Cantàra also means ‘bridge’ in Arabic which emphasises the link with the Sicilian terroir and symbolises the union between wine, art and poetry. Owner Pucci Giuffrida is a devotee of fine poetry and for this reason all of the names of the wines are inspired by the poems by Sicilian authors.


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Al-Cantàra, 'A Nutturna', Terre Siciliane, Sicily 2019

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Al-Cantara, 'Luci Luci', Etna, Sicily 2018

Al-Cantàra, 'Occhi di Ciumi', Etna, Sicily 2019

Al-Cantàra, 'O'Scuru O'Scuru', Etna, Sicily 2018

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Al-Cantàra,'Lu Veru Piaciri', Etna, Sicily, 2017

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