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The Wine and Spirits Educational Trust is the world’s leading provider of drinks qualifications. We are an official provider of the WSET’s examined and certified, internationally recognised wine courses.  We offer Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Wine, taught by our team who have sat those same courses. Our trainers have achieved The WSET diploma and passed WSET’s own Educators Training Programme.



Level 1

This is a vital foundation course for anyone new to wine, and even those who feel they already have a rudimentary understanding. Through a series of practical but fun exercises, students will understand how the structure of the grape directly informs the structure of wine. This knowledge in turn ensures understanding of the words we and our customers use on a daily basis.

One Day: Including a closed book exam consisting of 30 multiple choice questions. 45 minutes.



Level 2

Titled ‘Looking behind the label’, this course enables successful students to be able to decipher confusing wine labels and make an educated prediction as to what might be found in the bottle. 

“It is fascinating how the smallest, often overlooked piece of information, can be a guide to what might be found once the cork is pulled.”
- Garry Samuels, Senior Wine Trainer

All the key regions and grape varieties are covered, allowing graduates to have a much better understanding of your wine list.

3 Days, over three weeks: Including a closed book exam consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. 60 minutes.



Level 3

Building on the Level 2 qualification, this more demanding course digs deeper into the importance of all the descriptions we have come to describe collectively as ‘Terroir’. Understanding key factors that affect grape growing in the vineyard and winemaking in the winery, along with the influence of nature and human intervention, it will help the successful student interpret the broad range of wine data encountered in the hospitality sector.

Seven Days, over seven weeks: Five days of study, one revision, mock exam day and a half-day exam.  Including a closed book exam consisting of a 30-minute blind tasting exam, 50 multiple choice questions and four short answer essay questions. Two hours.

All courses include study packs for students to keep, a wide range of appropriate wine samples for tasting during the course and a certificate and pin on passing.

To find out more about timings, costs and availability please contact your account manager or get in touch with the training team training@hnwines.co.uk.