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Since March 2020, consumers have adjusted their lives due to the impact of COVID-19. It is therefore more important than ever to understand what your customers are thinking. 

People are looking at the world and their lives in a new way; everyone is reflecting on what is important to them and adjusting their way of life accordingly; and the move towards working from home and greater independence is changing the way we live. New thinking has developed, new aspirations are being acted upon and new norms are being lived.

To help us all better understand the end consumer, we have created two insights reports - one looking at the On Trade, one the Off Trade.


We recently worked with the team KAM Media to uncover consumer preferences when it comes to making Wine Decisions in venues. Together with KAM Media we surveyed 500 consumers on everything from the role front of house teams play in the decision making process (70% of wine drinkers think that staff in restaurants are more knowledgeable than staff in pubs and bars), to how social media impacts their wine choices (only 33% of wine drinkers are influenced by social media), to biggest wine ‘turn-offs’ (1 in 3 wine drinkers don’t feel confident when ordering wine in pubs, bars, and restaurants).

Download the report by clicking below.


To download the Hallgarten Wines, Wine Trends to Watch 2022 report, please click on the image below.