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World Malbec Day: Five Reasons Why You Should Drink Malbec This Month

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World Malbec Day: Five Reasons Why You Should Drink Malbec This Month

April sees the arrival of World Malbec Day on the 17th, and if that isn’t reason enough to try the famous French and Argentine varietal, here are five more…


1. It’s a variety that straddles the old and new worlds. Originating in Cahors, South West France - where it is still used to make dark and sumptuous wines - it became a mainstay in Bordeaux blends, bringing body, colour and life to lean Clarets before Argentina claimed it as their own, with Chile, South Africa and Australia getting in on the act too.


2. Like the all the cool kids at school, it’s got a few nicknames. In Bordeaux it was once known as ‘l'étranger’ (the stranger) due to its mysterious qualities and black colour, and in Cahors it’s still called ‘cot’ and ‘auxerrois’.


3. It offers a diverse range of fruit and non-fruit flavours, most commonly black cherry and raspberry in old world wines and plum and blackberry in new world wines. Other notable characteristics include black pepper and spice (old world) and cocoa powder, milk chocolate, leather and vanilla (new world). Something for everyone.


4. It goes really well with roast lamb - the meat of choice for many on Easter Sunday. Try the Doña Paula, Estate Malbec 2013, a dense and enticing wine with a barrel load of berry fruit and new oak. A very modern wine that showcases the new world style brilliantly.


5. They’ve made a film about it. 2011’s Boom Varietal: The Rise of Argentine Malbec charts the rise and rise of the variety in its new world home. The award-winning documentary is beautifully shot and offers a fantastic and often unseen insight into the worlds of wine production and marketing. Here's the trailer: