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Latest Edition of Quady Cocktail Book Released

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Latest Edition of Quady Cocktail Book Released

When it comes to cocktails and mixology, Andrew Quady produces some of the best and most original ingredients around.


Specialising in Aperitif and dessert wines, Quady winery makes a string of sensational sweet Muscats, port-style fortified wines and vermouths, and it’s these wines that have put Quday on the cocktail map as bartenders and mixologists use them as a base for an array of delicious and innovative cocktails.


Many of these serves can be found in the Quady Cocktails By Season book, the latest edition of which has just been published.


Speaking about the wines, Quady says: “Cocktails with these wines are aromatic, spicy, and well-balanced.”


“Our muscats Essensia and Elysium are fresh, exciting, fortified alternatives to liqueurs; our ports Starboard Batch 88 and Vintage make sweet drinks manly; our Vya Vermouth brings back pre-prohibition traditions that emphasize flavour over proof.”


Check out the Cocktails By Season by clicking here.