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Six of the Best Merlots for International Merlot Day

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Six of the Best Merlots for International Merlot Day

Today - 7th November - is International Merlot Day, and given the recent sharp fall in temperature we can’t think of a better wine to enjoy on a chilly autumnal eve. Here’s six of the best from the HDN portfolio.


Collavini Merlot Dal Pic Collio, 2008


This cheeky Italian has good Merlot expression that shows lots of coffee and dark chocolate on the palate and dense and warm oak flavours. The grapes are left to dry slightly in a drying room to enhance their body and fragrance.  A versatile full-bodied wine that pairs well with red meats, cheese and rich chocolate pudding.


Berton Vineyard Foundstone Merlot, South Australia 2013


This Merlot has deep youthful colour with expressive aromas of plums, blackberries and violets. The palate has a velvety texture with generous flavours of sour cherries, plums and fragrant herbs with a hint of vanilla oak.


Carmen Merlot Reserva, 2013


The wine has an appealing nose of blackberries, confectionery, Kalamata olives, and white pepper, along with fine-grained tannins well integrated with clean ripe fruit. This wine displays elegance and balance, offering a soft bouquet with vivid flavours.


Saint Clair Merlot, 2012


A well-balanced and considered Merlot with flavours of ripe blackberries and plum, along with rich Christmas cake spice. Fantastic to accompany grilled and roasted red meats, pasta dishes and cheese. A real winter warmer.


Calico Mane Merlot, California 2012


A warm Merlot, redolent of damsons and plums on the nose. Spicy -deliciously so! - and full-bodied, smooth and very moreish.


Merlot Naturalys, Gérard Bertrand, IGP Pays d'Oc 2012


Deep red with purple tints. The nose has fruit character (blackcurrant, wild strawberries) and spices. Round and fruity with blackcurrant aromas. Elegant and well-structured wine with soft tannins.