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Martin Kaiser Named “Viticulturist of The Year” by Tim Atkin MW

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Martin Kaiser Named “Viticulturist of The Year” by Tim Atkin MW

In his renowned Argentina Special Report 2020, the English critic awarded Martín Kaiser of Doña Paula as the “Viticulturist of the Year”, highlighting his continuous focus on terroir.

Since 1992, the English critic visits Argentina to dive deep in the local wine scene, revealing the best of the country in his “Special Report”, which today celebrates its eight edition. “The transformation has been remarkable”, he pointed out in the publication, very anticipated by the winemaking industry given the Master of Wine’s great knowledge on the country. On this opportunity, he tasted more than 1,700 wines from 331 wineries, of which he commented, “Again and again this year, I tasted with a smile on my face as wine after great wine expressed its terroir with precision, grace and beauty”.

Likewise, Tim Atkin MW reveals the best of the best in his “Podium”, that this year included Martín Kaiser as “Viticulturis of the Year”. Kaiser, who joined Doña Paula in 2006 in charge of the viticulture area of the Winery, has conducted a comprehensive programme of investigation of the vineyards called “Terroir in Focus”, on the influence of weather and soil on Malbec. There are more than 700 pits identifying the different soils of Doña Paula, with around 200 microvinifications to reflect each soil in a single wine, understanding their relation.

This recognition comes in a special moment; Kaiser is taking on from May, the position of Deputy Director of Viticulture and Enology, leading both areas. “I am very happy with this new professional challenge, which reinforces the work we have done for 14 years in Doña Paula and has been, without doubt, a great school for all who have been fortunate to be part”, he confesses. Under his tutelage, emblematic vineyards of Doña Paula have been developed, such as Alluvia in Gualtallary, enabling renowned wines as Alluvia Parcel and the Altitude Series range.