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Hallgarten Wines Announces ED&I Focused Wine Trip to Greece

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Hallgarten Wines Announces ED&I Focused Wine Trip to Greece

We are delighted to announce a new initiative designed to help advance Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) in the wine industry by offering individuals from diverse backgrounds, working in the hospitality or wine industry, the opportunity to travel to Greece on an educational wine trip with Hallgarten Wines.

The fully-funded trip is open to two individuals and will take place in October 2024, including flights to and from Thessaloniki and educational visits to three iconic wineries in Northern Greece: Ktima Biblia Chora, Akrathos Winery and Ktima Gerovassiliou. Designed to deepen the successful individual’s understanding of the wine industry, the unique trip will immerse the attendees in a region in which Hallgarten Wines has long been an industry leader.

The team at Hallgarten has a passion for improving ED&I throughout the wine and hospitality trades, by providing the opportunity to develop individuals who may not otherwise have access to specific courses and qualifications.
Managing Director at Hallgarten Wines, Andrew Bewes, commented: "We believe in fostering a more inclusive and representative wine industry. This trip aims to provide individuals from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to learn, connect, and build valuable connections within the wine trade, helping to break down barriers and create a more equitable future."
Hallgarten is inviting applications from individuals from diverse backgrounds, who work in hospitality and have an interest in wine, or work in the wine trade seek a career in the wine trade.
"Diverse background" is a broad term that can include, but is not limited to, people with disabilities, various ethnicities, neurodiversity, different gender identities, and sexual orientations. Our goal is to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion within the wine industry by supporting the development of individuals who may not have easy access to such opportunities.
To apply for the trip, individuals should get in touch with editeam@hnwines.co.uk, detailing their reasons for applying and how this opportunity could significantly benefit them. The application deadline is 14th July 2024, after which applications will be reviewed and successful candidates contacted.