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‘Chardonnay Is Back’ Claims Larry Cherubino in Drinks Business Interview

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‘Chardonnay Is Back’ Claims Larry Cherubino in Drinks Business Interview

Celebrated Australian winemaker Larry Cherubino has spoken about his love of Chardonnay and why he thinks the variety is becoming trendy again.


During an interview with Drinks Business at a wine lunch at the The Mondrian Hotel on London’s South Bank he said: “The variety has become trendy again in Australia - a lot of producers are reviving it and consumers are getting into it all over again.”


“Domestic consumption is on the up as people tire of Sauvignon Blanc,” he added. “A lot of Australian winemakers are experimenting with Chardonnay at the moment. The wines are moving away from being big and buttery to more textural and with higher acidity.”


He also predicted that Chardonnay will be a big grape for the Chinese market and talked about his fascination with rootstock clones.


“A winemaker friend of mine is working with clones from Montrachet and I’ve never seen texture like it from an Australian Chardonnay before. The clones will soon find their way into my wines,” he said.


Cherubino is hopeful that demand for wines from his native Western Australia will continue to grow around the world. “ Western Australian wines are underrepresented everywhere in the world as only 10% of them are exported, but I’m working really hard to push the wines in the UK our other key export markets.”


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