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Larry Cherubino Scores Highly With Halliday

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Larry Cherubino Scores Highly With Halliday

The 2015 edition of James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion, released Tuesday night at his gala event, has again revealed another vintage of stellar results for Western Australia’s Larry Cherubino Wines, including the prestigious five-red-star rating and again featured in multiple ‘best of the best’ categories.

The boutique, family-owned winery and 2011 Winery of the Year titleholder has continued its dominant position among Australia’s top wine producers, with 37 of its wines scoring above 90 Halliday points and 30 of them, or 81 per cent, receiving above or equal to 94 points.

Each of the five ranges within Larry Cherubino Wines’ portfolio features in the guide’s upper echelon, including wines from the Ad Hoc, The Yard, Pedestal, Laissez Faire and Cherubino labels.

James Halliday, the undisputed authority on wine in Australia, credits Larry Cherubino in this 2015 edition of the Wine Companion saying, "he might well have repeated his 2011 selection as Winery of the Year if my self-imposed rule of only one such award did not preclude it."