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Antiyal’s Alvaro Espinoza Named Drinks Business ‘Winemaker To Watch’

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Antiyal’s Alvaro Espinoza Named Drinks Business ‘Winemaker To Watch’

Chilean wine is on the up and up, gaining exposure, listings and top reviews left, right and centre.


A new feature in The Drinks Business profiles Chile’s Top 20 Winemakers To Watch, and right in the mix is Antiyal’s Alvaro Espinoza (pictured above, front centre).


Antiyal is the passion and vision of winemaker Alvaro Espinoza and family. It was founded in 1996 to teach all that would listen about the earth, work and wine and Espinoza has led the way in biodynamic and organic practices in Chile ever since.


Praised by DB for being “one of the original garage winemakers in Chile” Espinoza was one of the first winemakers to use concrete egg-shaped fermenters and is a true biodynamic pioneer.


“He has long been influencing the vineyards of Chile through his viticulture work as Chile’s top biodynamic consultant,” says Drinks Business. “As Head Winemaking Consultant for Emiliana and for five other large wineries his influence is widespread, but it is perhaps his own project, Antiyal, that makes him one to watch.”


Check out Antiyal’s producer profile and wines here.