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Tenor Andrea Bocelli Teams Up With Frescobaldi

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Tenor Andrea Bocelli Teams Up With Frescobaldi

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli has teamed up with Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi to add further cachet to its much-talked-about Gorgona wine project.


The project sees inmates at Gorgona Prison - 18 miles off the Tuscan coast - produce the wine under the professional guidance of winemakers from Frescobaldi.


The 2013 vintage, made from Vermentino and Ansonica grapes, will feature a label written by Bocelli, who is from the mainland of Tuscany, and keen to support the project and the region.



“This project, which I have decided to support at the request of Lamberto Frescobaldi, entwines two of my passions; the vineyard of course, but also the Tuscan archipelago, a true paradise on Earth,” says Bocelli.


“I am proud to reiterate that I never forget my peasant origins and that I feel myself to be a product of my homeland; the sum of the experiences of my past and my childhood memories.”


Find out more about Gorgona here and read an excellent article on the Gorgona Prison project here