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What to expect from the world of wine in 2023...

Offering support to our customers and, more broadly, the hospitality and retail sector lies at the core of our approach within Hallgarten, and during times of economic uncertainty this is especially important to us. Our 2023 Wine Trend Predictions is built from insights, informed opinion, and market trend analysis from a multitude of different sources and the deep experience of our in-house Customer Marketing team.

2022 saw the release of our first annual Wine Trend Predictions, designed to offer data, insight and consumer sentiment as we began to understand what a post-COVID world may look like.

This year, we follow a similar journey as consumers continue with many COVID-era behaviours, though now against the backdrop of the cost-of-living-crisis leaving consumers to make tough decisions about how and where to spend their money.

In partnership with KAM, we have looked to uncover the Wine Decisions consumers make when choosing wine in both the hospitality and Independent Wine Specialists sectors. 


Alongside KAM, we have surveyed 1,185 consumers to better understand what drives their decision making when shopping at Specialist Wine Retailers. This in-depth study, created in collaboration with our Off Trade customer base, looked to discover why individuals shopped at Independent Wine Specialists, how they choose wine, what influences that choice and how they have been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis.

Download the report by clicking below.


With a spotlight on the hospitality sector, we have looked to uncover consumer preferences when it comes to making Wine Decisions in venues. Together with KAM Media we surveyed 500 consumers on everything from the role front of house teams play in the decision making process (70% of wine drinkers think that staff in restaurants are more knowledgeable than staff in pubs and bars), to how social media impacts their wine choices (only 33% of wine drinkers are influenced by social media), to biggest wine ‘turn-offs’ (1 in 3 wine drinkers don’t feel confident when ordering wine in pubs, bars, and restaurants).


Download the report by clicking below.



On Trade, Wine Trend Predictions 2024

Off Trade, Wine Trend Predictions 2024