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Each of our wine-focused magazine, Assemblage issue takes an in-depth look at the world of wine, exploring some of the most on-trend topics in the sector, in addition to Hallgarten's wine experts recommending a selection of wines perfectly suited to the season. 
Click on the images below to read each one and keep your eyes peeled on this page to see all upcoming issues. 

Assemblage issue four

In our fourth instalment of Assemblage, this special issue delves deep into a range of subjects with one overarching message in mind: Hope.

In this edition of Assemblage we are taking a closer look at how the winemaking world has come out fighting after a year of setbacks; we also take a closer look at a range of stories of hope from closer to home, as well as bringing you a number of wines from our award-winning portfolio 

Assemblage issue three

Sustainability is a much-debated topic that often arises in wine industry. Portfolio Director, Jim Wilson, has analysed sustainability with regards to biodynamic, organic and natural wines, and also explores where else sustainability can play a part in wines and protecting our precious planet.”

Hallgarten Head of Buying, Steve Daniel, has looked at what it takes to make a great wine that doesn't cost the Earth.

Beverly Tabbron MW has looked outside of wine's comfort zone and examined the Brave New World of winemaking.

We have also chosen a range of wines perfectly suited to the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons. 


Assemblage issue two

Altitude is a debate that often arises in wine, so Portfolio Director, Jim Wilson, has delved deeper into the subject and how relationship between altitude and latitude has some part to play.

Hallgarten Head of Buying, Steve Daniel, has taken a closer look at Argentina and how its winemaking has evolved since his first visit.

Beverly Tabbron MW has chosen some of favourite sparkling wines - not including Champagne.

We have also chosen a range of Summer Wines perfectly suited to the upcoming months.



Assemblage issue one

Following a highly successful and much reported trade event we hosted in January 2020, our lead article in Assemblage issue one is on Minerality.

It is such a topical subject at the moment, and one that inspires a lot of debate across the trade. We asked Jamie Goode for his views on the subject, and after a conversation with Steve Daniel our Head of Buying in front of an invited audience, Jamie put pen to paper with his thoughts which you can read exclusively here.