In The Papers: Gaia Wines in The Sunday Times

“Just imagine how arid it would be without European wine at all,” writes Damian Barr in his Sunday Times column, which this week focusses on the impact of Brexit – or ‘Boozexit’ as he delightfully terms it – on the UK’s drinking habits.

“We may have enough bankers to go it alone, but we don’t have the winemakers.”

The focus is on great European wines and from less obvious wine-producing countries (ie not France, Italy or Spain) with wines from Portugal, Hungary and Greece all featured.

Steve Daniel states in the column that Greek wine is “every bit as good as anything else from the EU,” and Damian Barr reviews the Gaia Wild Ferment Assyrtiko to back this up.

“A smooth balance of cool minerality and tangy salinity from Santorini,” he writes. “Minerality washed by slat breezes, bound together by creamy, smoky oak.”

“On June 23”, he concludes “do what tastes best.”

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