In The Papers: Head of Buying Steve Daniel Profiled by Victoria Moore

Our very own Steve Daniel was the subject of Victoria Moore’s Saturday Telegraph wine column this week.

She featured a lengthy and insightful interview with Steve (who knew that he discovered Greek wine after his best friend’s Aunty Nora married a Greek travel agent called Stavros?!) as well as reviewing a number of wines from the Hallgarten range.

Read the full interview and reviews here, and below is a snapshot of her thoughts on the wines she tasted:

Roccolo Grassi Valpolicella 2011 – “so perfect it makes my eyes pop”

Larry Cherubino Apostrophe Stone’s Throw White 2015 – “delicious: a glacially clean, but also pretty and slightly peachy blend”

Hey Malbec Matias Riccitelli 2014 -“ a surprisingly elegant, smooth Malbec that is beautifully poised”

Gaia Wines Wild Ferment Assyrtiko 2015 – “this white wine tastes of ginger, white grapefruit rind and baked lemons”

Tandem Ars Nova 2012 – “you can really smell the cassis flavour of the blackcurrant, but there’s also a roundness and brightness”

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