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Our Sustainability Commitment

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At Hallgarten we strive for accountability in terms of sustainability, Equity Diversity & Inclusion and the environment. We believe sustainability is about making a positive impact in everything we do, from how we act as an organisation, to the way in which we deliver wines and services to our customers, through to encouraging and reinforcing the sustainable commitments of our suppliers. It is all part of the Hallgarten ‘DNA’.



Hallgarten is committed to the reduction of its impact on the environment - and to working alongside partners with similar goals - to improve our environmental footprint (and also reduce costs). We work with partners who are environmentally certified, such as our warehousing partner London City Bond (LCB), which is ISO14001 certified, and manage our shipping patterns to ensure they are as efficient as we can make them.

Since 2018 Hallgarten Wines has been recognised for its dedication to minimising its environmental impact and has achieved the ISO 14001 accreditation for its environmental management system. 


The Terroir Team 

A dedicated ‘Terroir Team’ within Hallgarten Wines maintains a focus and engagement on the topic. Each year we set ourselves stretching goals covering sustainable material usage, waste management and reduced energy use, such as moving the company car fleet to electric and hybrid versions. All targets are reviewed by the Senior Management Team quarterly and, to date, Hallgarten has been successful in driving double digit improvement year on year in all target areas.

As a business, importing and distributing hundreds of thousands of cases of wine to hospitality and retail customers around the UK, we are very aware of our significant carbon footprint. Our next milestone is for ISO 9001 (Management Standards) accreditation, and to gain Corporate Carbon Neutral accreditation (Scopes 1, 2) by the end of 2024, and then focus on the Product Carbon Neutral accreditation as we work towards our ultimate goal of becoming a net zero business. We have implemented data feeds into a monitored cloud-based carbon calculator tool and use the output from this to drive the next big push into CO2 reduction and renewables.


The Hallgarten Eco Standard 

All our producers have sustainable goals, and some are at the forefront of developing industry-leading sustainable practices. Many of them have already achieved sustainable certification in their own country, though each country’s criteria for certification is different. Nothing about sustainability is clear and straightforward – the word ‘sustainable’ has a multitude of meanings, and there is no single worldwide accreditation. We launched the Hallgarten Eco Standard on World Environment Day – 5th June 2023 – which evaluates and monitors the sustainability of all Hallgarten Wines’ suppliers.