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Hallgarten Ethos

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Our ethos is simple. Outstanding wines and outstanding service.

These are our mission and values...


Hallgarten strives to be the premium wine supplier and business partner of choice, proud to offer inspiring wines tailored to all sectors of the trade, with a trusted team of proactive, supportive and passionate experts in wine and customer service.



Partnership: With colleagues, customers and trade partners

Hallgarten is a great company to work for and with. We believe that the best things are achieved together, and connected as a team is how we will evolve.


Positivity: To be uplifting, motivated and inspiring

We cultivate a positive climate. We want our people to be confident, to spread excitement and good vibes. This helps us grow stronger and happier working together.


Passion: For our wines, our company and our industry

Wine and people are the two things we are passionate about. We see our industry as a vocation not just a job. Our endless passion and commitment will ensure we succeed.


Progression: Embracing diversity, learning, innovation and change

We want to improve every day, and we offer our people and our trade partners the possibilities to do so. We embrace personal development and inclusivity in order to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Pride: In everything we do, practically, sustainably and ethically

We trust and respect each other, our individual goals and aspirations, and proud to work towards a common, sustainable ethos.