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Introducing Our Customer Ordering App

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Multiple employees can be authorised as users

  • A seamless, end-to-end ordering experience
  • An app that you can download from the App Store and Google Play store and run on your mobile device or tablet
  • Easy signup process, get up and running quickly
  • Place orders at any time that is convenient to you, 24 hours per day
  • Easily switch between mobile/tablet and desk top to complete your orders


Getting started

Simply contact your account manager or email sales@hnwines.co.uk to receive your unique login details, download the free Hallgarten & Novum Wines app from the Apple App Store, or from Google Play (search for Hallgarten) and then log on using the provided login details, 

Once you are registered and been accepted, all you have to do is simply log on with your username and password that we have given you. You can interchange between the app and browser versions of the system, or even use them both at the same time!

It’s simple and easy to use…

  • Contact sales@hnwines.co.uk to receive your unique login details
  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play
  • Log on using the provided login details
  • Search and add your chosen wines to the basket
  • Proceed to checkout and place your order


  • Ability to browse the range by name, category, country and producer
  • Search for wines by description, wildcard and product code
  • Technical datasheets for the wines can be viewed and emailed in PDF form
  • Create bespoke favourite lists of wines
  • Current special offers are listed
  • View Bin End offers
  • Option to limit wines you can order to just your wine list
  • Ability to scan a barcode to quickly locate a wine

Shop/add to basket

  • Orders can be built in the basket over time using the app or the website or both
  • All your special pricing and discounts are setup on the system
  • You can also setup order value limits and sign-off authorities
  • Order by the case or bottle as you prefer
  • Orders placed are confirmed by email and include expected delivery date
  • Easy to repeat a previous order

Manage orders

  • Place orders at any time that is convenient to you, 24 hours per day
  • Order history available to search/browse with options to ‘re-order’
  • View historic invoices and download/email PDF copies



What is the easiest way to find my wines?

Use the search option to find a wine by keying in part of the description or the Hallgarten product code. You can also scan the barcode on the bottle if you have one handy. The ‘Browse’ feature allows you to locate wines by Category, Country, or Producer.

How can I quickly find the wines I usually order?

These can be found in the ‘Shopping list’ menu which contains the list of wines you order from us and any agreed pricing.

Am I able to give someone else access?

You can register other members of your team so that they can also order online. Select the ‘additional users’ option from My Setup. Enter your colleague's name and email address and they will receive an email containing everything they need to get up and running.

What about my discounts?

Your negotiated pricing has been built into the system and your preferential pricing will be automatically applied. Please note that any volume-based discounts will be applied when you finalise your order.

Can I order in cases?

Yes, at the point you add a wine to your basket you have the choice of ordering in bottles or cases.

What wines can I order from the range?

Some customers prefer to limit the wines they order to a pre-agreed list (Your Wine list). Other customers can ‘free-order’ from our entire range. Your preferences have been loaded into the ordering app which will apply any restrictions accordingly.

When can I expect delivery?

Our regular delivery schedule and cut-off times will apply and have been built into the system. At checkout, the system will confirm the scheduled delivery date. This will also be stated on the emailed order confirmation that is sent once you have confirmed your order.

Can I change the delivery address for an order?

To protect against potential fraud, we do not permit the override of a delivery address using the app. If you need to alter a delivery address for an order, please contact a member of the Customer Services team.

How often is the information updated?

The ordering system receives updates on wines, stock, pricing and discounts each day. Any changes made during the day will be updated overnight in the ordering app.

What are 'Favourites'?

This neat feature allows you to ‘tag’ a wine for future reference, to do this simply tap the grey star within the detail page about the wine. The star will turn yellow indicating that the wine is now on your personal favourites list. Favourites are entirely for your benefit and you control which wines are included. You can view, add, and remove wines from this list using the Favourites option from the main menu.

How do I get back to the main menu?

If you get lost simply tap the burger icon on the top left of the app screen to return to the main menu.

Who should I contact if I need help?

For assistance regarding the ordering app, please contact a member of the Customer Services team.


Download the guide to our Customer Ordering App


To help you get the most out of our new ordering app, we have put together a few videos to get you and your team started. 


Getting started:





How to... find wines





How to... place an order: 





Ordering through the website?