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Rocky Head Launches ‘Extra Terrestrial IPA’

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Rocky Head Launches ‘Extra Terrestrial IPA’

London’s Rocky Head Brewery - set up in 2012 by Hallgarten’s wine buyer Steve Daniel - has launched a new beer called Spacer.


The Session IPA is made from the Aurora, Cascade, Sorachi Ace hops and pays homage to the ‘Spacers’ of Isaac Asimov’s Sci- Fi novels 'IRobot', 'Foundation' and 'Empire' which were the first humanoids to emigrate into space and came from the planet Aurora,


“Weighing in at just 3.2% ABV it’s a low-gravity IPA that packs a big punch for such a small beer,” says Steve Daniel. “It’s heavily hopped for flavour but not bitterness. Best drunk whilst humming 'Spacer' by Sheila B. Devotion.”


Loaded with lemon sherbet and grapefruit flavours, with a hint of cedar and coconut in the background, it’s aromatic but not bitter on the palate, with a long intense finish.


Spacer joins Rocky Head’s Pale Ale and Zen beers on Hallgarten’s list.


Discover more about Rocky Head here.