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Know Wine: Three months at Hallgarten

Internships are a fantastic way of getting a sneak peak into an industry that you are looking to get experience working in. This summer, at Hallgarten, we welcomed Amica Zago,  BA Wine Business student at Plumpton College to the team where she experienced all aspects of the organisation – here is what she thought:

“One tasting, one contact, one email and hey presto I got myself a summer internship at Hallgarten & Novum Wines.

“Wow…what an experience. Having an opportunity like this has helped me find my feet in the wine industry and helped me to understand the ins and outs of a business. Before this, I had never worked in an office or for a big company so that was an experience in itself.

“Luckily for me, I was also invited to help at tastings which I found an extremely useful tool for understanding a business through observing how a company sets up, displays and talks through their range. The wines at Hallgarten are all stunning, my favourites out of all the wines were definitely the Spanish Island wines, nevertheless all the wines I have tasted, I have adored!

“Although I did get to venture out a lot, more than I would have ever expected, my day to day tasks were office based. Researching prospects, competitor research and producing sell sheets were some of my main tasks over the three months. I also had the big task of checking out the financial side and margins the reps were working with.

“Not knowing before working at Hallgarten where in the industry my head was at, they allowed me to help in both the sales side and the marketing side of the business. I now know that both sides are areas where I would happily love to work! However, after spending several days out with the London Sales Reps, I have decided that sales is the job for me (well at least at the moment). It has been said that you are either made for sales or you aren’t; I suppose the only way to find that out is by giving it a go.”

Keep track on what Amica is up to in her journey through wine on her blog – KnowWine – or on Twitter and Instagram.

The Hallgarten Team plan their 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Beverly Tabbron MW, Head of Training: hd-480

My 2017 resolution is to continue to develop and grow the already burgeoning wine culture at Hallgarten, ensuring everyone within the business is able to gain the wine qualification they aspire to reach. Since starting the training department at Hallgarten it has been a joy to see so many of the team rise up the through the WSET levels, and this year I hope to see record numbers pick up their certificates.


Daniel O’Keefe, Sales Director – South:hd-537

I have been waxing lyrical over the delights to be found in Macedonia and the Peloponnese from producers such as Gerovassiliou, Gaia, Ktima Biblia Chora, Ktima Alpha andMonamvasia for the last 5 years. I am now resolved to visit these wineries, so that the next time I am asked during a wine event about local tourist facilities, I can look that person in the eye and give them an honest answer!


Robin Knapp, Director – Regional Sales: 

This year I aim to spend less money on red wine and more on white. The reason – my cupboard at home is full to bursting of some fantastic red wine that needs to be drunk at a dinner party.

However, I more often than not opt to drink white wine and never seem to have enough in the house!

Joe Wadhams, Regional Business Development Director:joe-wadhams-cut

I plan to kick off 2017 by flipping Dry January on its head.

It’s all about Try January this year, and as I am new to the Hallgarten team there are a lot of new and exciting wines I need to taste – and quickly!